SAN FRANCISCO, April 20, 2013 – JournalStone Publishing (JSP) President, Christopher C. Payne and Managing Acquisitions Editor, Joel Kirkpatrick, are pleased to announce that prominent editor, Leslie Gardner, has been named the new Senior Acquisitions Editor for JournalStone Publishing, effective immediately. In naming Gardner to the position Payne stated: “Leslie has had an extensive and distinguished career as an acquisitions editor and has displayed exemplary skills, dedication, and dynamism in her work and will bring these same skills, dedication, and energy to this new position as well.”

About Leslie: Leslie Gardner has been reading/editing manuscripts from a range of writers, both new and established for all her career, as part of editorial team in publishing houses, as literary agent, as reader for the movies, television and theatre. Her PhD is in rhetoric, and it is the variety and imaginative solutions to character, plot line and place in all kinds of narratives (especially speculative fiction) that writers invent that has always utterly absorbed her. She first started listening and talking to writers and publishing houses from years at University of Iowa’s International Writer’s Workshop where Athol Fugard, Gail Godwin and Vance Bourjailly held sway years ago. Hundreds of thousands of manuscripts and books, and scripts later, she opens each new one with enthusiasm as if it’s a gift for the holidays. Speculative fiction is a particular treat. Her published books and articles focus on popular fiction and communication.

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