Jonah LivesThe indie film Jonah Lives has been available on DVD (and a special “bootleg” Blu-ray with a DVD version signed by the director) for awile now, but in case you missed it…

Description: A story of revenge from beyond the grave, centering on a group of teenagers who unknowingly supply the catalyst for the murdered Jonah’s return from the grave.

A day like any other in a town not unlike that found all across the country, like minded teens hanging out, laughing, enjoying each other’s company.

When the darkness takes over the day and boredom sets in, they retreat to their basement hangout.

Francis, the self-imposed leader of the group, a wannabe mystic, decides to play with their heads and breaks out a Spirit Board.

Eagerly the game is played and soon they make contact with the tormented Spirit of Jonah.

They begin to ask questions and soon learn how, when, and why Jonah was murdered in his lifetime.

Mocking Tony, who warns them that it is a dangerous game to play.

They participate together in summoning Jonah beseeching him to come to them through the spirit board.

What starts as a joke soon turns into a nightmare of garish proportions, when Jonah does indeed join the young teens with an agenda of death on his deceased mind…

In a tale as old as time, the questions remains the same…
Who will survive?

The Official Trailer:

You can pick up a copy of the DVD for only $14.95 here: Jonah Lives

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