Bad Moon Books has announced the August release of John R. Little’s The Gray Zone.

Description: In 1984, Henry Davidson took the holiday of a lifetime, spending his summer in Aswan, Egypt. The trip changed his life in many ways, but when he swallowed a secret powder handed down from generation to generation, the biggest change was yet to come. Now Henry could remember his future as well as his past. And he could live his life out of sequence, choosing the age he wanted to live, from when he was a small child to when he turned 52. Beyond that is a hazy Gray Zone where he has no memories.

What happens when Henry is finally able to break through and live in the Gray Zone is horrifying and deadly, and Henry has to face the consequences of the decisions he has made through his life.

From the Bram Stoker award winning author of Miranda comes this new novella of love and terror and the mysteries of time. Introduction by James Moore. Art by Alan Clark. Limited to 250 copies, signed by the author on the limitation page. Softcover. $19.95.

Learn more and/or pre-order: The Gray Zone

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