Bad Moon Books has announced that John Everson’s Siren is now available for pre-order.

Description: Music can transport you to the depths and heights of emotion. Music can make life worth living. Music can steal your soul. Evan’s soul is dead as he walks the empty Northern California beach every night.

Petrified of the water all his life, he’s never recovered from seeing his son drown in the ocean’s waves. But then one night, he hears a song on the beach. A beautiful, tortuously emotional melody that leads him right to the brink of the surf. That’s when the music ends, and a gorgeous nude woman dives off the black rocks to disappear in the waves. His fears for her safety are allayed when she returns the next night to sing again…only this time, he’s touched by more than her song…

He’s touched by something that won’t let him go…

You can pre-order the limited edition hardcover here: Siren

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