Bram Stoker Award winner John Everson, who has published three novels and three short story collections in the last decade, has disclosed the following about a future novel of his in an interview with Omega’s Apple:

On The 13th:

The 13th follows David Shale, a biker trying to make the Olympic cycling team, who decamps to his aunt’s for the summer to train on the hilly terrain around her house. When Castle House Lodge, an abandoned resort hotel outside of town re-opens as a private asylum for pregnant women… the summer takes a decidedly dark turn for David. First his girlfriend turns up missing just hours after their first kiss, and then he finds himself investigating the strange goings-on at the new asylum alongside a hot rookie cop. What lies beyond the door with the red X on it that leads to the basement is the simplest clue I can give for the core of the story.”

On his next novel to be published, Siren:

“The horrible center of Siren is that Evan couldn’t save his own son from drowning because of his aquaphobia. That accidental death has left him and his wife living a steadily descending existence … Every night Evan walks the beach on the edge of the ocean, a veritable treading of the line between life and death for him. And when he hears the song of a beautiful nude woman on the rocks near the beach, he soon finds all of his fears and everything he holds dear challenged.”

Read the entire interview at: Omega’s Apple

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