Jin VillageSamhain Publishing is gearing up for the January 1st release of Vincent Stoia’s Jin Village in both paperback and digital editions.

Description: For generations, the inhabitants of the remote Jin Village in China had almost no contact with the outside world. Nearby villages whispered of murder and odd disappearances. Then the Jin villagers vanished.

Now, one hundred years later, American historian Malcolm Wang and a team of archaeologists arrive at Jin Village to excavate the ruins. They uncover evidence of a long history of human sacrifice and cannibalism. What Malcolm and his companions don’t know is that Jin Village is still very much alive. There is something out there, a dangerous remnant of a forgotten past…and it has woken up.

About the Author: Vincent Stoia grew up in Boston, but he’s spent the last twelve years abroad. He spent three years in Australia, and he’s lived in Taiwan since 2004. He’s currently working as an editor for a local Taipei magazine.

Living in Asia has fostered Vincent’s strong interest in Chinese culture, language, and history. He recently completed a master’s degree in China Studies, and he has spent a great deal of time studying Mandarin. All of his experiences in Asia have contributed to the development of his novel, Jin Village.

You can preorder through Amazon here: Jin Village

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