The first six pages of Jemiah Jefferson’s Wovel, FirstWorld, has been posted. For those of you unfamiliar with the term “wovel” it’s a web novel. In this case, every week, Jefferson posts an installment. The installment length is generally kept to a resonable level — long enough to keep readers interested, short enough to allow readers to devour the installment in a cubicle at work. At the end of every installment, Jefferson writes in a plot branch point. Does the heroine kill her lover? Will the zombies catch the soldier? Is the box empty, or is it filled with bees? The readers decide with a vote.

On Monday the post goes up. Voting is open through Thursday. Jefferson writes Thursday and Friday. The editors edit Friday and Saturday. The next post goes up on Monday. Part literature, part exquisite corpse. The pace of print journalism, the imagination of fiction, the spark of reader participation.

You can catch the first installment (though it’s too late for this week’s voting) here: FirstWorld

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