Damnation Books has released the digital edition of Jawbone by Michael V. Gleich for only $5.95.

Description: Some say the most terrible thing that could happen is to be eaten alive but there is something far more horrible than that.

Based on actual Native American folklore of the Mohave, a demon escapes a cluster of stars called, The Seven Sisters and comes to Earth on a meteor. The Mohave are in peril of this demon, Kwayu who eats its victims alive and takes their souls. They ask the Seven Sisters for intervention. The Sisters hear the cry of the desert people and build a prison to house Kwayu called Spirit Rock. They teach the shamans of the Mohave how to control the demon with the help of a talisman given to the tribe. But when the last shaman dies and the old ways are forgotten, Kwayu wakes. Can they find the clues to control the demon once again and stop the strange disappearance of the desert people? Or is that knowledge lost forever?

Excerpt: “Thelma watched the group until the last one disappeared over the ridge. The worried feeling was still with her and she now wished that she said something before they left. She had a premonition. Something about the place bothered her. Now, more so that she was alone.

With no one else around, she could hear the wind as it passed over the sagebrush, a lonely sound, like the cry of tortured souls in the distance that seemed to never stop. A lizard laid on a rock nearby to sun himself and stared at her. She stared back and wondered why the creature watched her. Thelma’s thoughts were dark and to get her mind away from all the bad feelings she felt, decided to rummage in the van for something to read. Maybe she would clean the van out if there were time before they got back. With one last look at the ridge, she then walked to the van and opened the side door.”

You can pick up the Kindle edition here: Jawbone

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