Jason Dark Volume 8: The Blood Witch has been released. In his eighth adventure to date, Jason Dark will once again brave all odds and find himself in over his head, as another evil manifestation tries to corrupt our world. Don’t miss your chance to read the latest neck-breaking adventure in the series.

Description: An ancient curse resurfaces. From deep within the English forests, a hideous creature threatens to re-emerge, stronger than ever.

Meanwhile, young girls are disappearing from the streets of London, and rumors of heinous rituals abound. Fearing for her very life, a young actress working at the famed Lyceum Theatre calls desperately on Jason Dark for help. On the eve of Walpurgis Night, the Geisterjäger meets another formidable enemy as he comes face to face with the Blood Witch. Who will prevail?

Filled with surprises and unexpected plot twists, just the way fans have come to expect, Volume 8: The Blood Witch is available now in a large variety of formats.

As always, purchases of the eBook version will get readers access to the book in all available formats, including versions for the Kindle, Nook, and other eBook readers, as well as in PDF, LIT, Palm, mobi and ePub format.

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