Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter is a series of gothic horror dime novels where Jason Dark, a fearless and resourceful ghost hunter, follows in the mold of a Sherlock Holmes combined with Randall Garrett’s Lord D’Arcy. Written by Guido Henkel, the designer who brought Germany’s famed Das Schwarze Auge series to computer screens, this series is filled with enough mystery, drama and suspenseful action to transport you to the sinister, fog-shrouded streets of Victorian England.

In From a Watery Grave, a quaint seaside town seems the ideal place for an English summer holiday. Little do its inhabitants suspect, that a century-old curse is about to throw their idyllic existence into turmoil and terror. Wraith-like, the black ghosts of undead mariners spread their cloak of horror over Pegwell Bay, the lure of their cursed gold too much for most to resist. Can Jason Dark and Siu Lin find the key to unlock their secrets and lift the curse from beyond the grave before more innocent townspeople die, or will some villainous trickery put even their own lives in jeopardy?

The sixth installment in the Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter series is available now for free in your web browser at Jason Dark Series, or as a print dime novel for only $2.99. Additionally, you can get the PDF version for your computer or buy an eBook version for eBook readers like the Kindle, Kobo, Nook or iPad for only $2.99 also, and have it delivered straight to your device!

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