Readers have a lot of choices today. Between the internet and the massive display cases at book stores, readers can easily become overwhelmed and stay within their comfort genres or at the new releases table of any Barns and Noble. But for those readers that have an interest in reading across genres like crime thrillers, vampire romances, horror, and urban fantasy, David Salkin’s newest novel, Forever Hunger might be exactly what your looking for.

According to Deadline, a man passed out during a screening for the found-footage horror film V/H/S, which is directed by David Bruckner, Glenn McQuaid, Radio Silence, Joe Swanberg, Ti West, and Adam Wingard.

From the author of Dead Souls, Deep in the Darkness, and Return to Darkness comes this new collection of short stories spanning the 20 year career of Michael Laimo. Rare Cuts is the fourth collection of short stories from Laimo, bringing together all those stories unfitting for his previous collections. 5 Minutes, 5 Questions With … Michael Laimo

Based on Andrea Perron’s non-fiction book House of Darkness, House of Light: The True Story, the 1970s set horror revolves around the problems a couple are facing living in a farmhouse that is being spooked. The book is her recalling of living in a Rhode Island home that was claimed to be a portal for friendly and evil spirits.

Good old-fashioned gothic horror is the name of the game in The Woman In Black, an impressively spooky adaptation of Susan Hill’s best-selling novel that delivers plenty of jumps, jolts and thrills. Catch the full Screen Daily Review

With this third installment in the Forgotten B&W Horror series, they move beyond the normal confines of their golden age time period to a movie that certainly deserves more credit than it currently receives from horror fans. The Last Man on Earth (1964), starring Vincent Price, is the subject of their latest look at forgotten horror movies.

Mark Z. Danielewski’s House of Leaves is a labyrinth of a story that will have you turning your sights to footnotes, appendices, illustrations, sentences running down the sides of pages, sentences found only in little windows in the middle of pages, almost entirely blank pages, interviews, diary-like entries, written letters, secret codes, professional essays, and so much more.

5 Classic Modern Horror Novels — A Recommendation

A horror author is achieving success in America with his latest novel – a tale of flesh-eating zombies set in the Gwent town of Usk. Craig Jones, 41, began writing novels two years ago as something to do while his wife completed her Master’s dissertation.

Whereas Alan Wake was more like a Stephen King horror novel — with influences from Twin Peaks and Alfred Hitchcock — Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is more like Quentin Tarantino’s From Dusk ‘Til Dawn or Grindhouse, only on Route 66 in Arizona with a lot of cactus around. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare kicks off high-quality game releases on Xbox Live Arcade

A.J. Coleman, author of the first novel in a planned zombie trilogy titled Undead Season, thinks zombies are a good basis for horror fiction because they tap into an innate, psychological fear of other people. “I’m the first to admit I don’t like people,” she said. “It’s just so against human nature to want to be in large crowds.”

You have to feel sorry for horror writers. Stephen King casts a long, cold shadow that is guaranteed to send a chill up your spine and the blanket up to your chin. Yet Dean Koontz is one author who has stepped out of the shadow with such earlier work as Phantoms and Whispers enjoying substantial success. His latest bid to stay in the sun is 77 Shadow Street. Catch the review from

F. Paul Wilson thinks he’s a publisher now. Sort of. He’s got a bunch of digital titles in print in various formats, and even a couple available as POD (that’s Print On Demand for the non-cognoscenti). Even has a name for his company: Wilsongs.

Book Review: Chain Letter by Christopher Pike

“I’m deep into a new horror novel but don’t want to say yet who is in it. I need to be farther along before I am confident. Sometimes plans just don’t work. I had to stop work on my Atlantis novel for a while because the science side of it defeated me,” says Anne Rice in this interview on

Award-winning Maine author Ben Marcus wastes no time prepping readers for the surreal assault he’s about to launch. On the first page of his dazzling doomsday novel The Flame Alphabet, we meet the narrator, Sam, who’s packing his car with an array of survival gear. Book review: Doomsday tale’s eerie vision pulls you into nightmare

Dick Smith, who did the masterful make-up jobs on The Godfather and The Exorcist, has won an Academy Award.

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