Anne Rice, iconic author of over 25 novels, including Interview With The Vampire, The Vampire Lestat, The Lives of the Mayfair Witches and The Songs of Seraphim series goes back to her gothic/horror roots with the release of her new novel, The Wolf Gift, scheduled for release on February 14th, 2012 – An Interview with Anne Rice about The Wolf Gift Pt.I

This week, 30 Days of Night creator Steve Niles took to Twitter to post an intriguing teaser image by artist Menton3. Titled The Nosferatu Wars, nothing else was revealed about the project – until now.

Daniel Radcliffe is making his first post-Potter debut on February 3rd. He’ll star as Arthur Kipp, a London lawyer circa the Victorian-era, in the film The Woman in Black based on the 1983 novel by Susan Hill (and additionally, a revival of the 1989 TV adaptation) of the same name. In anticipation of the upcoming horror-thriller, Amanda Sieradzki got her hands on a copy of the novel to see what audiences have to look forward to.

When Westport hypnotist, motivational speaker and author James Mapes did one of his popular public performances at Central Connecticut State University 21 years ago, he never dreamed that it would lead to a role in the sequel to one of the biggest cult films of all time.

Students at Thomas Hardye School got an insight into horror writing with a visit from an award-winning author. Marcus Sedgwick, whose dark stories of ghosts and horrors are aimed at a young adult audience, dropped into the Dorchester school to talk to students and offer tips.

StudioCanal, Germany’s Anolis Entertainment, U.K. studio facility Pinewood and illuminate Hollywood fka HTV are among the partners coming together to breathe new life into the library of titles from legendary British horror production house and label Hammer.

Edgar Allan Poe is most famous as a horror mastermind, with his claim to fame being poems like “The Raven” and stories like “The Tell-Tale Heart.” Poe is a master in the art of terror and a magician when it came to creating the macabre. But there’s more to Edgar Allen Poe than you know…

We Need to Talk About Kevin is a tough watch and it’s really unpleasant, so I don’t know if I liked it, but in a world where nobody is thinking of it as a horror movie, it’s totally a horror movie.” – House of the Devil director Ti West via an upcoming interview.

Last year, first-time feature director Eli Craig and his writing partner Morgan Jurgenson released a small but interesting horror-comedy entitled Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil, which provided a refreshing and funny new perspective on the well-worn slasher film subgenre. Find out more about this one…

Ken Brosky may not bear the official title of “Hardest-Working Writer in Madison,” but if such an award existed, he’d definitely be a contender. While working two other jobs and maintaining an active Web presence both on his own site and for Milwaukee alternative-weekly the Shepherd Express, Brosky manages a steady stream of published short stories, 10 of which are collected along with one nonfiction essay in his provocatively titled book, “The Unauthorized Biography of Michele Bachmann (and Other Stories)” (Brew City Press).

The Golden Age of radio is a nearly forgotten era, which makes it all the cooler that writer/artist Ernie Colon has brought it back in graphic-novel form.

Following the slight slide from its original late January release, Silent Hill HD Collection will be joining original entries Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill: Book of Memories in March. The last is actually the venerable survivor horror franchise’s first foray onto the new Playstation Vita hardware while Downpour is the first true sequel in the series since Silent Hill: Homecoming back in 2008.

Taking Submissions: Psycho Cinema

Hey, remember that R.L. Stine children’s horror novel series Goosebumps? Columbia Pictures certainly does, and it’s hoping you do, too. Back in 2008, the studio acquired the rights to over 50 of Stine’s books with the intention of bringing the stories to the big screen, but is still struggling to get the project off the ground after several failed attempts. Now the latest writer set to take a crack at the screenplay is Darren Lemke, whose previous credits include Shrek Forever After and the upcoming Jack the Giant Killer.

Premiered on BBC America on 14 January, The Fades is a perfect follow up to that most sinister happenstance, Friday the 13th. A spooky supernatural teen drama, it pulls off humor, atmosphere, and genuine frights. While it recalls both Attack the Block and AMC’s The Walking Dead (the opening credits sequence is an almost identical knockoff), The Fades stands on its own merits.

Jokers Club had been in the closet since 1986. Count ’em. Twenty-five years. About a year and half ago its author, Gregory Bastianelli, decided to have one last, final, concentrated go at his novel.

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