A story that is completely original, The Nursing Home, written by James J. Murphy III, will make you think and leave you wanting more. Just in time for Halloween, The Nursing Home is available for all readers to enjoy.

Description: When eighty-four year old Morris Grover was sent by his family to stay at a nursing home, he never expected it to be like this. Patients are neglected or mistreated to the point of abuse. Morris and his new friends have their suspicions when patients begin to die unexpectedly. But he real mystery doesn’t begin when the patients start dying. It begins when the staff starts dying. Also determined to find out who or what is behind this killing spree are four newly hired teenagers and two of Florida s finest. Who or what could it be?

The Nursing Home poses the question of who you can and cannot trust, and explores the theme of revenge. The groups of characters include a small bunch elderly patients; a clique of trouble-making staff members; teenagers who just met and want to have good time; and two cops: one who has been on the force for two decades and one who is just starting out.

The Nursing Home is James J. Murphy III’s first novel. He has been a horror fan all his life and knows that readers want an original story.

This full-length novel is now available on many websites, including BN.com, Amazon.com, BookCH.com, and LandJPublishing.com, where more information can be found.

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