Prestonsburg, Kentucky is a small, blue collar town with hunting, fishing, coal mining and the two biggest names in online horror talk radio: Wes Vance and Aaron Frye (aka The Creepy Kentuckian and Uncle Bill). These two self proclaimed redneck geeks bonded at an early age while spending their weekends devouring horror films. They now use their extensive horror knowledge to record a weekly podcast on and have found a worldwide audience through their candid conversations, quick wit and lots of swearing. What started out as an outlet to express their love of horror films has evolved into an online industry with millions of followers and the ability to talk to their childhood heroes.

Into The Pit: The Shocking Story Of, an independent horror documentary of their experience is now available on DVD.

Description: In the three years since burst onto the internet, they have amassed a growing legion of rabid fans across the globe, have interviewed the top directors and actors in the horror genre and have become independent horror celebrities themselves. What started out as a ‘way to ward off boredom’ has now grown bigger then either Wes or Aaron could have possibly imagined and this growth has started to put a strain on Aaron.

Growing up immersed in the harsh economic and social realities of Eastern Kentucky, Aaron has felt a ‘calling’ to help out those in need. This has lead him through graduate school and into a career in substance abuse counseling. Now, Aaron’s life is a tug of war between his “serious” profession and the world of horror antics with Wes. As Aaron’s two worlds collide, tough decisions lay ahead.

Special appearances by: John Landis, Uwe Boll, Kevin Tenney, Tiffany Shepis, Lloyd Kaufman, Betsy Palmer, Kane Hodder and more

Limited Edition DVD loaded with extras : deleted scenes, bonus interviews and more on sale now for a limited time only.

To order go to: Into The Pit

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