I. Pimplishers

Shane Staley writes: “For those of you who have yet to notice: failing small press publishers are like a bad case of acne. They surface overnight. They get noticed by the industry due to their new appearance (bright, shiny, and raw and flaky around the edges). The industry covers them up for a while, hoping that they’ll go away on their own. Many do. But then some become full-fledged zits or even boils. When they persist, they are squeezed. When the publisher pimplisher is popped, all the gunk inside gets exposed and they quickly dry up and disappear (usually taking a large sum of money from loyal genre customers and authors’ fans along with them). They leave behind a pock mark, a pit, sometimes even a crater, which mars the complexion of the face of our genre’s small press.

“In knowing how many small and large presses rise and fall within mere months, weeks, or even days, I’ve always been proud to be one of the real publishers who have succeeded. A publisher that is now achieving certain milestones.”

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