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For those yet unaware Delirium Books and Bloodletting Press have joined forces to form a new press called Infernal House. This will be a specialty publisher focusing on producing obscure first edition hardcovers bound with the finest materials. These rare books are hand-bound, finely crafted and created as works of art. Since Infernal House is a side project for two publishers, they will only be publishing 2-3 titles per year.

“Our intention with this press is to create the highest quality books the world has ever seen,” says Shane Ryan Staley of Delirium Books. “We have a renowned, world class master book binder on staff to hand craft and bind each book individually. We will be using the most exotic materials in our bindings; everything from the finest silks to the most exotic skins, including ostrich, lizard, Moroccan, stingray etc. Each book from Infernal House will be in extremely low print runs (174 limited and 26 deluxe copies). Each Infernal House title will be written by today’s top authors and lavishly illustrated by the most respected artists.”

Darkness on The Edge of Town by Brian Keene will be the first Infernal House project, tentatively scheduled for release on April 29th of this year. In this supernatural post-apocalyptic short novel, the residents of a small town must cope with lawlessness, madness, and mayhem after their town is literally swallowed by a mysterious darkness. But as their society quickly breaks down, an even greater danger awaits them beyond the darkness… on the other side.

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