In Delirium's CircleIn Delirium’s Circle is Stephen J. Clark’s first novel, an unsettling tale of secrecy and obsession, of haunting memories and spiraling madness published in a limited edition by Egaeus Press.

Description: Set amongst the fogbound and beleaguered streets of post-war Newcastle Upon Tyne, In Delirium’s Circle documents the obscure fate of William Fetch, artist and seer, in his pursuit of the truth behind a secret society of sinister game-players and the nebulous masters to whom they are enthralled. Fetch sees in these shadowy individuals perhaps his final chance to know the hidden worlds he has devoted his life to discovering. But are the choices he is making really his own?

The foundations for Egaeus Press were laid in the cold English summer of 2011 in the dreamclutter of a childish melancholia – a nursery room agoraphobia compelling the publisher to recall the anguished ticks of broken clockwork, the smell of curdled milk, the image of a songbird’s funeral on the tobacco-dry pages of an antique scrapbook … They are moved by the concept of the world as a haunted house, and by the paradox of all life’s darkest fears and most ecstatic wonders being essentially one and the same.

“It is our intention to publish morbid, decadent and baroque fiction in limited edition hardcover volumes of a quality of ornateness rarely seen in modern books.”

In Delirium’s Circle contains 21 original illustrations as well as full color endpapers by the author. The book is a lithographically printed, 256 page sewn hardback. It is limited to 300 copies.

It can be purchased for £30.00 via Paypal here: In Delirium’s Circle

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