Broken Publications has released the digital edition of a collection of short horror stories based on creatures, If You’re Human Don’t Open the Door, by Jennifer-Crystal Johnson and N. Jones.

Description: What creatures go bump in the night? With an affinity toward horror and a knack for dreaming up scary monsters, the authors of this eBook want to take readers on several journeys through nightmarish beasts and devilish demons.

This collection of short horror stories is the first such collection from author, poet, and publisher Jennifer-Crystal Johnson and N. Jones, a contributing author.

Charles’ Demons: a screenplay prequel to the second story, The Day the Demons Danced, featuring alien creatures who have come to our planet to steal the life essence of humanity and drive people mad.

The Huntress: In a beautiful neighborhood, entire families have abandoned their homes for fear of a creature who feeds on humans to maintain her youth.

Mirror Demon: Nothing is ever what it seems as daily normalcy mingles with nightmares when a baby is snatched from his mother by a demonic creature who wants to possess his mind.

You can pick up a copy for the Kindle for only 99 cents here: If You’re Human Don’t Open The Door

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