Rymfire eBooks has released I, Executioner, an eBook horror anthology of 12 stories. Here are the contents:

“The Gangster’s New Clothes” by George Wilhite. When Lars, killer for hire, puts on his new tailor made suit, his victims mysteriously return to haunt him.

“300 miles to Tabula Rasa” by M.J. Salmon. After 40 days buried in the desert, Jonas has trouble keeping it all together.

“The Advent of the Exterminators” by Jefferey Scott Simms. They came, they saw, they annihilated; all in a day’s work.

“Execution Hour” by Don Norum. The condemned marks the slow passage of the sun across the floor, the man in the chair hardened to his pleas.

“Mother Earth” by Ed Cooke. Jack goes to gigs to meet girls. This one might have whispered there’d be a catch, but Jack didn’t hear.

“Dear Boss” by Derek Muk. What if Jack the Ripper is cloned? Has science and technology gone too far?

“The Cuckoo Clock” by Jonathan D. Stiffy. Catherine discovers with terror the true extent of her college professor boyfriend’s obsession with clocks … and control.

“The Executioner Dies” by Terence Kuch. Philip Nolan swore he never wanted to see another human being again. His wish was granted, but in a way he never imagined.

“Sociopaths” by Dina Leacock. When Thomas Ames applied for the job from the want ad, he didn’t realize that the job for a lifetime could have limitations.

“The Wimbercorn Things” by Michael J. Hallowell. A bizarre morality tale that warns against the dangers of inheriting family property, particularly if you haven’t checked out the cellar. The story illustrates the curious range of emotions – highs, lows and those in between – that will probably invade your cerebrum if you happen to have your digits cut off one by one.

“Quality Control” by Alex Davis. Freddie always wanted to know about his brother’s work, but he never imagined it would show him the dark side of the ‘Blanks’ industry.

You can order directly from Rymfire eBooks for $2.99: I, Executioner

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