Brick Marlin Adds a Reflection of His Past in His Horror Novel

Author Brick Marlin spent a few years in an abusive home when he was very young and has delved into that particular part of his life to write his book, “Raising Riley”. Growing up reading Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, Ray Bradbury and Clive Barker, as well as many other great authors, it has propelled him forward writing bizarre fictional worlds, blending in both fantasy and science fiction into his work. “Raising Riley” may not have fantasy or science fiction within the pages, but the true horror and the supernatural fear is there.

Riley Lewis stands atop an enormous cliff with an abusive father, teenage bullies, and the demon inside the closet all ready to shove him over the edge. When he reaches his limits will he finally break free of the terror that threatens to consume him, or will he become the monster that everyone wants him to be?

This tragic novel examines the life of a boy who wants to be just like everyone else, but who must contend with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse while the world around him is oblivious to his suffering.

Brick Marlin is a member of the Horror Writers Association and has published seven novels; three more are forthcoming this year. His other work includes short stories, a nonfiction article and writing game modules and other supplements for an upcoming role playing game by Hydra Gaming. Brick lives in Southern Indiana with his wife and two shelties. You can find him at

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