In the early 2000s Gavin Williams wrote an apocalyptic Lovecraftian dark fantasy novel, HUSH, with Tim Lebbon. It was published by Razorblade Press, then reprinted by Delirium as part of the Dark Essentials series. HUSH was also shortlisted for a British Fantasy Award.

The book has been out of print for a few years, but they’ve just released a Kindle edition in both the UK and U.S. stores (priced £3.00/ $4.87 respectively).

Description: Finally available again after almost seven years Tim Lebbon and Gavin Williams’ classic apocalyptic dark fantasy novel, HUSH, is a devastating tale of stolen identity, hidden pasts, horrifying alternate dimensions and, perhaps, the end of the world!

When Jacob and his fiery band of animal activists raid an experimental facility they uncover far more than they bargained for… Amidst the animal subjects a teenage girl is being kept in a cage, abused, beaten and tortured. Jacob and his band escape by the skin of their teeth, but then one by one his friends disappear before any of them can reveal their appalling discovery…

Jacob and his ex-girlfriend, Maria, manage to rescue the girl, Lila, and go on the run. They are relentlessly pursued by enemies who seem to possess magical powers and as they desperately try to get to the bottom of Lila’s significance Jacob’s nightmarish visions of an alien alternate reality become ever stronger. All the while Lila begins to prove herself so much more than a poor lost teenager.

Much, much more…

Check it out on the Kindle: HUSH

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