Bast Books has released a First Edition of Lisa Mason’s novelette, Hummers, in a digital format. The story is available for only $.99.

Description: From the acclaimed author of Summer Of Love, The Gilded Age, And The Garden Of Abracadabra comes Lisa Mason’s novelette, Hummers, first published in Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine, chosen for Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror 5 (St. Martin’s Press), and nominated for the Nebula Award.

Laurel, in the terminal stages of cancer, is obsessed with the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Jerry, her homecare nurse whose lover is dying of AIDS, gives her a surprising gift. A hummingbird feeder. As Laurel comes to grips with her own death, she learns powerful and redeeming lessons about Egyptian Magic from the hummingbirds that visit her.

You can pick up a Kindle edition here: Hummers

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