Humanity’s Ultimate Battle (H.U.B.), Volumes I and II, written by Benjamin Jones, are now available as ebooks.

H.U.B. Volume 1: Vampires, long believed to be nothing but myth and legend, do in fact exist. For years they have lived peacefully amongst humans but all that is about to change. Not content with being considered an equal to the human race, a faction has arisen that is threatening to fracture the delicate truce and engage in a global war pitting humans against vampires.

You can download a free copy here: H.U.B. Volume 1

“What I set out do when crafting this series was take vampires back to the time when they weren’t interested in romance,” says Jones. “I wanted the ‘throwback’ vampire that wanted blood and was feared by everyone. But, at the same time, I also wanted to give the audience something that they’ve never experienced before. I want to give the reader this world of vampires that they haven’t seen – the politics, the struggles, the horror, the love, etc., etc. I want you to care about the characters and look forward to what’s coming next.”

H.U.B. Volume 2: Blowback is the next step in the epic HUB series. Picking up right where Volume 1 left off it offers more of what you’ve come to expect from HUB but raises the ante to a whole new level. A mix of new characters and favorites from Volume 1, H.U.B. Volume 2: Blowback gives us a bigger glimpse into the world of vampires and humans and the calculated moves towards a war are beginning to be played!

You can purchase Blowback for only $2.99 from:

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