Troubador Publishing Ltd has released Human Secrets by Linden Lewis in paperback.

Description: When Guy Hewson, an enthusiastic young professor of Egyptology, unearths a strange relic, he has no idea of the bizarre and terrifying sequence of events that are soon to follow…

Humanity has a secret. A dark secret that has lingered undiscovered for millennia. After an attempt on his life, the professor seeks help from his friends who are drawn into a dangerous scenario of adventure, far removed from their everyday lives. What can this relic and its strange power reveal about the origins of the human race?

As the professor and his team attempt to stay one step ahead of the police and a murderous third party, a reanimated threat to mankind is looming on the horizon. Can a group of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances prevent destruction from the enemy at the gates?

A thrilling, chilling read that stirs the imagination – Human Secrets by Linden Lewis is a must for any reader looking for a compelling page turner to keep them awake at night!

Copies available from Amazon: Human Secrets

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