Hot Blood, the internationally-famous erotic horror anthology, will see its thirteenth edition in bookstores this Halloween season.

Co-editor Michael Garrett said, “Reflecting the public’s fascination with sex and violence are blockbuster films like Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct, and more recently, Unfaithful and even Hostel. The Hot Blood series offers a print alternative to fans of such theatrical thrillers, courtesy of some of the very best writers on this planet (or any other).”

Hot Blood co-editor Jeff Gelb commented, “In 1989, when the first volume of Hot Blood was published, little did we think we would make it to a thirteenth volume. It’s a dream come true–an erotic dream, that is!”

Literally hundreds of writers have shared the Hot Blood spotlight since that first volume, from Joyce Carol Oates to Grant Morrison, from Jack Ketchum to Lawrence Block, Richard Matheson to Nancy Holder.

“A key to the ongoing success of the Hot Blood books,” remarked Garrett, “is the breadth of writers who have wanted to share an erotic horror tale with readers. They find Hot Blood a unique stage for their ideas and have enjoyed the opportunity to reach out to fans – old and new – with a story they couldn’t really find a more appropriate home for than we provide.

Dark Passions: Hot Blood Volume XIII showcases twenty all new stories by some of the genre’s greats, including Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, Steve Niles, David J. Schow, Thomas Tessier, Ed Gorman and Graham Masterton. It ships in August from Kensington Books.

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