The 9th annual Horrorfind Weekend March 28-30 is on track to be one of their largest conventions yet. With a tribute to George Romero and the 40th anniversary of Night of the Living Dead. George will be in attendance as well as cast from all his dead films from Night, Dawn, Day, Land and the new Diary of the Dead slated to be released just before the convention.

A partial list of celebrities attending can be found here: Celebrities

If you’re looking for exposure and a great selling environment for your products or service at the Horrorfind Weekend, you can reserve your space here: Vendor Space

If you’d like to attend this special weekend, passes are on sale now with a discount here: Pre-Weekend Passes

And finally, if you’d like to keep up with all the Horrorfind news, events, celebrities and updates visit their website at: Horrorfind

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