Every year Horror-Web spices it up with something special and this year they’ve decided to really dig into the roots of the season with 31 Days of Hallo-Theme. That’s right, a different theme for each day … each and every day.

For starters, they have lists, lists and more lists. But the real interaction includes games and contests and free reads and more! There’s the Horror-Web page itself , but there’s also a ton of stuff happening in the Cesspool this year. A brief rundown of “some” of the goodies you will find, both on and off the Halloween page?

Hollywood – Follow along with Jekyll’s list of never-before-seen films for the month [each day/film fits the theme!] and play Hyde’s drinking game while watching. Complete and utter Cesspool madness is expected and unstoppable…

Written in Blood – Daily short stories [to match that day’s theme] and cross-website review promotion with Monster Librarian, Horror World, Dred Central & Hellnotes–including their very own first installment: Zombiebrat’s review of October Dreams. And some great play-along threads in the Cesspool!

Comics – Evil… no, they really mean evil contests that will separate the boys from men when it comes to comic knowledge! Worth some very special comics/graphic novels to those that win… and Horror-Web seriously wouldn’t be surprised if the winner has less than 50% of the answers!!

Games – The regular games [crossword, wordfind, personality test & quiz] with a flair–all about the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror! Extra games [crossword & wordfind] that follow the 31 Days of Hallo-Theme. And perhaps the most diabolical quiz ever created… which comes with the infamous Halloween Goodie Bag prizes!

Odds & Ends – Devilish downloads for you and your family to play. And unique Wallpapers created just for the season.

So yes, there are lists, interaction, on both the Halloween page and the Cesspool going all month long – and as always this time of year, Horror-Web has contests and prizes galore!

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