Warner Bros. is in talks with Russell Crowe about starring in Harker, a reimagining of Bram Stoker’s Dracula that’s being produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

Creepy and atmospheric, The Woman in Black is the kind of horror picture audiences don’t see a lot of anymore. Catch the review on the TimesRecordNews.

Alienation is a tradition in immigrant literature. After all, every immigrant starts as an outsider looking in. In his debut short-story collection, Monstress, San Francisco writer Lysley Tenorio (born in the Philippines) delivers eight winsome tales illuminating the lives of Filipinos here and abroad. Book review: Monstress: Stories by Lysley Tenorio

Anne Rice has returned to the genre that made her, and the result is a grisly, graphic and at times campy horror novel. Here is an edited transcript of her conversation with The Wall Street…

In celebration of Women in Horror Recognition Month, Little Miss Zombie has compiled a list of 50 Kindle Horror Books Written By Women.

Before publishing his critically acclaimed novels You Remind Me of Me and Await Your Reply, Dan Chaon (a 1986 Northwestern grad) made his literary reputation as a writer of dark, mysterious and disturbing short stories that packed a powerful metaphysical punch, not unlike the pulp stories he admired as a child reading anthologies branded with Alfred Hitchcock’s name. His first collection of stories, Among the Living, was nominated for a National Book Award, and his third, Stay Awake (Ballantine, $25), has just been released. Catch this Q&A with Chaon on the Chicago Sun Times website…

There are those who believe that writing horror or any genre fiction (i.e. Romance, Western, Fantasy, etc.) is a much easier endeavor than that which is referred to as pure literature. Masters of Horror, such as Peter Straub, prove just how faulty that line of thinking is in practice. Peter is the shining darkness of contemporary literary horror, a meticulous writer who enjoys words and the way they can fit together like a jigsaw puzzle that doesn’t reveal itself until fully formed. Read more in FearNet’s Dark Deals: Peter Straub’s Options…

Author Terry Kay, a 2006 inductee into the Georgia Writers Hall of Fame, will speak at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Auburn University Brown Bag Lunch & Learn event at noon Feb. 15 in Ballroom CD at the Lexington Hotel in Auburn. OLLI members and guests are invited to bring a lunch and attend the lecture.

The Darkness began life as a comic book series in 1996 before Starbreeze Studios first adapted it for video games in 2007. Both versions tell the tale of one Jackie Estacado, a mafia hitman who learns on his 21st birthday that he harbors a nasty little family secret: a demonic power called the Darkness. The Darkness II: A short, entertaining, by-the-numbers horror shooter

Susanne Winnacker’s perfectly pitched young adult novel takes two age-old themes – romance and horror – and turns them into a dazzling dystopian blockbuster. Book review: The Other Life by Susanne Winnacker

Fred Hurr, 65, of Constantine Road, has signed with Christian book giant B&H and hopes to sell at least 40000 copies of his supernatural thriller in the States. His book, Light of the Wicked, flopped in the UK , selling just 1,000 in a year-and-a-half.

Founded in 1934, Hammer Studios was an English film studio originally created to make artistic musicals and period pieces. After a rocky couple of decades including several bankruptcies and owners, Hammer experienced its first taste of success with The Quatermass Experiment. Not only was it the first success for the studio, but this wasalso its first attempt at making a horror film.

Goosebumps celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. The scale of Stine’s production — the Day-Glo sprawl of it, the trashy superfluity — is hard to get one’s head around. Between 1992, when he inaugurated the franchise with Welcome to Dead House, and 1997, no fewer than 93 brightly colored Goosebumps books and spin-offs were published. Ninety-three books in five years!

Review: Severed, one of the best horror comics in years, ends in grisly fashion – instead of focusing on cheap scares and tasteless gore, Snyder and Tuft have made psychological horror the book’s most prominent trait.

In the latest issue of Dark Horse Comics’ Buffy the Vampire Slayer series, in stores today, Buffy weighs the life of being the “chosen” Slayer against the life she’s about to bring into the world. After some soul-searching with the son of another former Slayer, Buffy decides to have an abortion. Buffy the Vampire Slayer faces her biggest challenge

Gemma Files has been a film critic and a TV screenwriter, in addition to publishing two acclaimed collections of short horror fiction and two chapbooks of poetry. Two of her short stories have been nominated for the Shirley Jackson Award. A third, “The Emperor’s Old Bones,” won the 1999 International Horror Guild Best Short Fiction Award. Catch this interview with her on Sequential Tart…

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