James Musgrave is gearing up to release a new publication with the first issue of Horror on the Installment Plan.

The first issue, titled Zombies and Children, will be emailed free to Horror on the Installment Plan registrants this month (April). Look for it in your email as an attachment in .pdf format. Just register here to receive your free issue: Horror on the Installment Plan, Issue 1. The issue will carry four short stories (under 3,000 words each) and one author interview.

“I’m beginning the new publication with the goal of getting the horror genre some ‘literary street cred,'” says Musgrave.

The next issue will be released in July, using the theme Home Alone. In Jeff Poole’s “The Basement,” somebody you know may be missing, and you are aware of where he could be. But, should you enter to find out? “This Old House,” by J.T. Steate follows with a story where the rivalry between two sisters leads to a tale of horrendous proportions. This story could just as well have appeared on Alfred Hitchcock Presents back in the day. And then there a story from the publisher/editor, E. Z. Graves, concerning a problematic search on the web where a military wife finds out a lot more than she ever bargained for. Are drones becoming the new terrorist weapon of choice? Find out in “Pterodrone.” Finally, to complete the quartet of stories, J. G. Faherty’s “True Love Never Dies,” is a cozy little tale about a husband who has trouble getting to sleep. What keeps him awake will also keep you awake.

After the July issue, look for the Freaks of Society issue. In the 1932 classic film, Freaks, those freaks take out their revenge on the strong man, and in this issue of Horror on the Installment Plan, readers will see other freaks looking for revenge. However, in J. G. Faherty’s “Jennifer’s Body,” the woman becomes a freak at the very hands of our specialized medical profession. Nick Medina, a writer with a flair for the dramatic, offers up his “On the Edge of Town,” and gets down to earth about our freakish souls. Then Tracy Carbone shares “Etta and Jojo,” whichwas inspired by a painting of a lunatic asylum. And finally, “Best Foot Forward,” by Troy Seate, takes readers into the life of a modern-day hunchback.

You can learn more about the magazine and order online here: Horror on the Installment Plan

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