Just when you think you’ve heard every creative way there is to release a movie, someone comes up with something you’ve never even imagined.  Cardiff, UK independent film maker Mr Dog Films plans release their new project Banshee via a Facebook game.

On their website, Mr Dog Films has this to say:

“We’ve discovered a new way of distributing feature films.

Independent films struggle with distribution, and see little to no returns. The Internet was seen as a way for independent filmmakers to break free of the traditional model, but piracy and a saturated market has brought little success.

Games have established ways of being successful online, such as the “freemium” model. We want to use it to overcome the challenges of online film distribution by becoming the first feature film to be released through a Facebook game.”

To learn more about this interesting project visit their website at http://mysteryofthebanshee.com/.

Here is more information on the film and game:

Scream. Run. Die.

Two paramedics on the night shift hear the call of the banshee and a simple rescue operation turns into a battle for survival.

The Film

Director: Matt Mullins (credits include Torchwood, Da Vinci’s Demons, Being Human, Dr Who)

Writer: Si G Stratton (winner of the John Brabourne Award for screenwriting)

Genre: Supernatural thriller.

Status: Currently in development and fundraising for production

Production fact

The banshee is an old lady ghost whose screams in the night predict someone’s death. The banshee in the film is based on the old Welsh myth of the Gwrach y Rhibyn, who, unlike the banshees in other Celtic myths, actually scares their victims to death.

The Game

Play as a human and it’s a game of survival horror. Play as a ghost and it’s a game of stealth and skill.

– First real-time multiplayer immersive game on Facebook

– First true horror game on Facebook

– First feature film to be distributed through a social media game

 Currently in development.

You choose human.

You’re a member of the emergency services and you’re on an endless night shift. You’re stuck out on a call, and you need to find your fellow humans to survive. You can only see as much as your torch allows you, but you can sense there are things out in the dark. Sometimes you can hear whispers. You feel the cold on the back of your neck. And then something SCREAMS.

You choose spirit.

You’re dead. And you’re not happy about it. You have a raging desire to terrify humans. However you don’t like their torchlight, they’re mobilizing into groups and building up arsenals of weapons to use against you, including resurrection. A Banshee screams out in the night and you know that a human is alone and vulnerable. You can band together with other spirits to terrify him, or go it alone.


Banshee is a multiplayer team-based game which you can play through Facebook. You choose which side you join. Team up with the human players to survive or with the ghosts to scare people to death.

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