Day Terror (The Harrow Press; POD format). Editors Kfir Luzzatto and Dru Pagliassotti want “atmospheric horror stories set in broad daylight and featuring the chilling, the supernatural, the grotesque, the creepy, and the unheimlich. It is looking for once-familiar people and places that suddenly aren’t what they seem, eerie coincidences that turn reality inside-out, and commonplace events that take on uncanny overtones. Day-walking vampires, weresalarymen, zombie grandmothers, carnivorous babies, serial-killer schoolgirls, mundane murderers and any sort of dream, hallucination, or virtual reality need not apply.”

2500-5000 words; pays $25 (lead story), $10 (other stories).

Opens: January 1, 2010; Deadline: Until filled.

Send submissions as MS Word or RTF attachments to: Day Terror.

Courtesy of The Gila Queen’s Guide to Markets. Hellnotes special: 20 issues for only $18. Just mention Hellnotes to get this great deal.

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