Watching and Waiting

by Nathan Hystad

I know it’s following me again. It’s always there, watching and waiting. If I close my eyes it will end me, so I stay awake. My head pounds as I drink another coffee. I zip my jacket up, as if that will protect me from what’s about to get me. Well I won’t go down without a fight. I hear its footsteps behind me, and I turn and attack. Everything goes red…then nothing.


They say it was an old woman out for a late night walk. My wrists hurt from the cuffs.

I still feel it watching me.

Nathan Hystad is a writer from Sherwood Park, Alberta. His story ‘The Attic’ was just released in North 2 South Press’: Whispers From the Past: Fright and Fear anthology. ‘A Haunting Past’, another short story is in the upcoming anthology Malevolence: Tales from Beyond the Veil, expected out mid October.

For insight into his mind, check out his blog at

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