Together Forever

by Nathan Hystad

“Come in,” he said. She looks just like her. He knew she was the right one.

“Thank you Doctor. You have something for me?”

“Yes, I do. Come with me.”

They walked to a sitting room, and he passed her a glass of wine. She didn’t notice the taste was off until she started to slump in her chair. Soon she fell to the floor.

Smiling, the doctor carried her to the cold slab in his office. A brain floated in a jar with a viscous liquid on the shelf.

My wife, come back to me.

He grabbed a saw.

Nathan Hystad is a writer from Sherwood Park, Alberta. His story ‘The Attic’ was just released in North 2 South Press’: Whispers From the Past: Fright and Fear anthology. ‘A Haunting Past’, another short story is in the upcoming anthology Malevolence: Tales from Beyond the Veil, expected out mid October.

For insight into his mind, check out his blog at

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