The Tunnel by Wayne C. Rogers

Corporal Ben Freeman didn’t know what was behind him in the tunnel near the Cambodian border.  Whatever it was had killed the other two men in his team and was now after him.

He could see a glimmer of light ahead and crawled faster.

Freeman reached the bottom of the shaft and made his way swiftly up the rickety ladder.  He was within a few feet of sunlight when he unexpectedly felt a grip around his left ankle.  It jerked him off the ladder and dragged him back into the long tunnel.

All he had time for was one scream.


Wayne C. Rogers is the author of “The House” which can be read in the new anthology, When Red Snow Melts.  His short story, “A Step in the Shadows” (about the most infamous serial killer in American history), is still available in the anthology, “I’ll Never Walk Away,”  A short screenplay that’s based on it has also been written.  For those who enjoy erotic/horror, his “Countess” trilogy is available on Amazon’s Kindle and his “House of Pain” can be found within the pages of Peep Show: Volume 2.

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