Our Horror in a Hundred offering today is The Scream by Victoria Dalpe.  She is a writer and artist based out of Providence, RI.  Her original short story, Vulture, appeared in Dark Hall Press’s Ghost Anthology, while another short story, Siren, was part of 100 Doors to Madness by Forgotten Tomb Press.  The Horror on Sycamore Lane, just came out in the anthology In the Bloodstream by Mocha Memoirs.  If you like her work, please visit her website at http://victoriadalpe.blogspot.com/.  You can also check out her work at Amazon.com.


The Scream byVictoria Dalpe

It’s hard to get blood out from under fingernails. It takes a special little brush and a lot of scrubbing. But eventually, it will. The screams on the other hand–those can’t be scrubbed out, or drank away. Nothing wipes out the memory of agony filled screams: those begging for life. They punch holes in walls and crack plaster, they cause car alarms to wail and dogs to bark. Birds take flight , all at once, in an explosion. Or that’s how it feels anyway. And no matter how quiet, or how loud, the screaming persists, dogged as a shadow.

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