Our next Horror in a Hundred submission is a good one.  A.R. Thomas doesn’t have a website yet, so unfortunately you’ll just have to decide whether you like him or not based on this story.  I hope you enjoy this:

The Return

It was 1:34 when the front door creaked open downstairs.  She had left it unlocked, hoping he would return tonight.  She heard the clinking of silverware and the refrigerator door open.  He must be hungry.

Her bedroom door slowly opened.  They did the best they could, but still, he had required a closed casket.  The accident had been horrific.

“I’m sorry,” she said.  “I just couldn’t imagine life without you.”

His damaged face looked sorrowful as she saw the glint of metal in his hand.  “That’s alright, my love.  You won’t have to.”

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