The Fall by Wayne C. Rogers

The fall from his office window above the Las Vegas Club should have broken some bones.

Johnny Felix, however, had been lucky.

Spilotro’s boys hadn’t seen the nun below, walking to the Catholic Church a few blocks away.  She’d cushioned Johnny’s fall, which was all right by him.

Rolling off the woman, Johnny saw she was still breathing.  He unconsciously crossed himself, and then continued to lay there as the four Italians came out the entrance and laughed at him.

“Who Tony sleeps with is his business,” Sammy said.

Johnny nodded, wondering what he’d tell Hank about his cheating wife.


Wayne C. Rogers is the author of “The House” which can be read in the new anthology, When Red Snow Melts.  His short story, “A Step in the Shadows” (about the most infamous serial killer in American history), is still available in the anthology, “I’ll Never Walk Away,”  A short screenplay that’s based on it has also been written.  For those who enjoy erotic/horror, his “Countess” trilogy is available on Amazon’s Kindle and his “House of Pain” can be found within the pages of Peep Show: Volume 2.

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