The Corner

By Matthew R. Davis

Every day.  Same time.  The Corner.

(Last year.  Late night.  Walking home.)

Can’t run.  Your penance.  Stay close.

(Three boys.  Drunk, angry.  Couldn’t stop.)

Pass by.  Stop, see.  Remember, relive.

(Broken streetlight.  Boots, knives.  Pitiless eyes.)

Fresh flowers.  Tending tragedy.  Hollowed heart.

(Your wife.  Beloved, betrayed.  Alone, afraid.)

Home again.  Rusty razor.  Cut, bleed.

(Hotel room.  Boss’s secretary.  Torrid taboo.)

No forgiveness.  No mercy.  Suffer this.

(Sated, guilty.  Hurrying home.  Flashing lights.)

Your fault.  Your fault.  Your fault.

(You lied.  Weren’t there.  She died.)

Every day.  Same time.  The Corner.


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