Room Down the Hall

by Nathan Hystad

His head turned towards the sound down the hallway. It was a slow scratching. John knew there was nothing in that room – nothing lived in there. He closed his eyes; old memories flashed in his mind.

His heart beat quickened but he knew the pain would go away. It always did.

She wasn’t coming back. Blonde hair, slender hips, pursed lips…he wondered what she looked like now. Being buried under his floorboards would have left her no more than bones.

He sat down and dozed to the TV.

Scratch, scratch, scratch.

He needed to get more pills.


Nathan Hystad is a writer from Sherwood Park, Alberta. He has been published at Kraxon books and has a story being published in an anthology brought to you by TIckety Boo Press. He has also been published on Microfiction Monday Magazine.

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