Joseph J. Patchen has provided us with our latest Horror in a Hundred tale.  I have to say that I like the ending.  What do you think?  If you like his work, head on over to his website.

Placid by Joseph J. Patchen

Touring the ruins and shipwrecks of lore as a tropical resort’s attraction sounds romantic; I’ve longed to sail these sun-drenched Caribbean waters for years. But when the once calm water swallows the sky, tossing all within its reach like salad; when I am now ingesting what was a relaxing and contemplative sail and a peeling and bony hand reaches out for me, out of the black maelstrom that is sand and sea as I continue to sink downward and a muffled voice claims me to conscription, I know my bumper sticker was wrong: I’d rather not be sailing.

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