Only A Game

by William Morgan

The Angel spread his wings and unsheathed a deadly sword.

You are the Antichrist!”

Samuel Crowley shrieked and cowered. “What? No-n-no, I’m not-”

” It tells me so on that screen.”

On the screen was the name Anti_Christ_666. ” That? That’s just my character name. It’s a game. Called Dark Souls. It’s only a game!”

The Angel lifted the sword above his head, there was a gasp, then, the angels head rolled of his shoulders.

“Phew, thanks, Beelzy.”

” You need to be more low profile, my Lord.”

“Yeah, I’ll-uh- change it to Not_Antichrist_666.”

Beelzebub sighed. We’re going to lose this coming war.

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