Once a Cop

by Nathan Hystad

Vamps have a bad rep if you ask me. Sure I kill humans and drink their blood. In truth I’m saving the country tax payers’ money. Think Dexter with no pulse, and in New York. I spot the guy I’m here for; he killed two kids last week. He looks like a slime bag and I’m not too excited about drinking his dirty blood, but a guy has to feed. I’m on him before his buggy eyes can see me. His blood tastes sour; they always do, but this is the price I pay. Once a cop, always a cop.

Nathan Hystad is a writer from Sherwood Park, Alberta. He has been published at Kraxon books and has a story being published in an anthology brought to you by TIckety Boo Press. He has also been published on Microfiction Monday Magazine.

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