by William Morgan

“911,what’s your emergency?”

“My wife!Oh,God,my wife!”

“Your wife is hurt?”


“Not your w-”


“Kidnapped? Has your -”

“Stolen! Replaced!”

“Sir, I don’t underst-”

“Wife stolen!…replaced,…by Notwife.Fairyfolk…all their doing.For pity’s sake…”

“Sir-abuse of the emergenc-”

“…Usually babies…,don’t understand.Why her? Notwife kept denying.Saw through her lies!”

“Sir! Have you been drinking? Are you under the-”

“Sober! Notwife’s been taken care of-”

“What do you mean “taken care of?”

He looked down on the living room floor at the bits and pieces of Notwife.

He started to laugh,but, to his ears,it sounded like a wail.

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