by William Morgan

“911, what’s your emergency?”


“Ah, yes,…Fairyfolk?”

“Yes! Oh my God, you understand!”


“Yes! Bob’s gone, taken!”

” Where’s NotBob, now?”

” In his-my Bob’s study.”

“Good. Now kill it”

“I-I’m sorry, do what?”

” Kill it! Do it now! You have children?”

” Yes- I-I can’t-I mean…murder?”

“NotBob’s not human. It’s a monster.It’ things to your kids”

“Oh my God! My Bob’s got a gun.”

“Perfect. Now kill it, kill it, KILL IT!”

“Yes,oh,…it’ll not hurt my kids! I’ll do it! ”

NotJudy, whose advances had been spurned by NotBob, erased the call

Humans are so gullible

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