Moonlight Dinner

by Brent R. Oliver


The moon popped. Bright and fat. No longer just lurking in the sky. Blazing now. Whole.

She doesn’t see it but the new me does. The me down deep. It responds. Has to respond. The murk that coats it loosens.

Moonbeams. So delicate but such power. The only power now. Burning through the old me. Shutting him down.

She laughs. People feel so safe under a roof. But the moonlight digs in, pulls things free. Sets teeth and fur growing.

Now she notices. The new me growls and she’s afraid. She’s beautiful tonight. She’s food.


BIO:  Brent R. Oliver is an award-eligible horror author, commenter, and enthusiast. For more of his work, please check out his website at

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