Mommy Makes Dinner

by: K.Z. Morano


Katie came home from school, the delicious aroma from the kitchen greeting her.


An eerie voice reverberated through the hallway.

Her mother was singing some strange, fragmented lullaby…

The door creaked open.

“Shhh…“ Katie’s mother warned. “You’ll wake the baby.”

Part of the blanket fell away to reveal raw turkey cradled in her mother’s arms.

She held it to her breast, lovingly patting its wet pimpled flesh.

“W-Where’s the baby?” Katie quavered.

Her mother’s face split into a demented grin. “Dinner will be ready soon.”

Slowly, numbly, Katie walked towards the kitchen.

Something hissed and sputtered in the oven.


K.Z. Morano writes anything from horror to SF, F, and romance. Her first published work is “The Baobab” in Popcorn Horror Presents published by Popcorn Horror in August 2013. Her recent works include “The Other Child” in Ugly Babies: the Anthology by JWK Fiction in October 2013 (reprinted in Blood Reign Literary Magazine December 2013), “Wooden Lips” in Cellar Door: Words of Beauty Tales of Terror Vol II, and “The Old Man’s Tree” in Blood Reign Lit Mag issue #1. Several of her stories will also be appearing in various forthcoming anthologies.

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