In a Dark, Dark Kiva

(A Southwestern Retelling of In a Dark, Dark Room)

By Matthew J. Barbour


Within the dark, dark desert,

There was a dark, dark mesa.


Atop that dark, dark mesa,

There was a dark, dark pueblo.


Near the middle of the dark, dark pueblo,

There was a dark, dark plaza.


In the center of the dark, dark plaza,

There was a dark, dark kiva.


Inside that dark, dark kiva,

There was a dark, dark niche.


Nestled in that dark, dark niche,

There was…. AN OGRE!!!



About the Story:

In a Dark, Dark Kiva is a southwestern retelling of In a Dark, Dark Room. The ghost has been replaced with the ogre of pueblo myth. The kiva is the underground room utilized by Pueblo Peoples for ceremonial purposes and holds connections to the underworld. The story is 71 words in length and has not been previously published.


About the Author:

Matthew J. Barbour is a speculative fiction author living with his wife and three children in Bernalillo, New Mexico. When he is not writing fiction, Mr. Barbour manages Jemez Historic Site and contributes to a number of regional newspapers, including the Red Rocks Reporter and the Sandoval Signpost.

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