If Wishes Came True

By K.Z. Morano


Curdled clouds came… hovering, descending…

ingesting everything in their way.

The world was painted in black, white and gray.

I opened my mouth and out poured a soundless scream

as if we existed in a silent film.

Then people started floating…

Their bodies bloating,

Fat limbs flailing,

Dancing in an eerie pantomime…

Intent on leaving me behind.

I cried after the corpse balloons as they flew towards the ashen sky,

gazing down at me with pupilless eyes.

Their decaying mouths opened and closed in an inaudible song.

Then I remembered my last birthday wish…

For everyone to leave me alone.


Author’s Bio:
K.Z. Morano is a beach bum and a chocolate addict who writes anything from romance to horror and dark fantasy. Her stories have appeared in various anthologies, magazines and online venues over the past few months. She is the author of 100 Nightmares, a collection of 100 horror stories, each written in 100 words, with over 50 illustrations. 100 Nightmares is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JVRJNG0

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