Halloween Ride

by Sheldon Woodbury

Halloween Ride

It streaked across the black night sky with ghosts and goblins howling in the sleigh like a grab-bag of Halloween scares. Ghouls hung from the sides and bats fluttered as the giant red sleigh raced past the pumpkin like moon. The creatures cackled, casting giggling glares at the squirming bag in back of the sleigh. They ripped it open and something big fell out, twisting and tumbling all the way down to the ground below. They howled and cackled again with gloomy glee, because now the bloody body called Santa Claus looked exactly right for Halloween night.

For more from Sheldon Woodbury, visit his blog at sheldonwoodbury.blogspot.com.  You can also check out his new book, The World on Fire.


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