Don’t Be Scared by Brent Kelley


Ugh, how can Emma be so peppy this early? She pounces, laughing like a six year old lunatic as I check the clock. 5:43am. Ugh.

“Daddy, you’re not scared, are you?” She smiles big.

“Why would I be scared?” I rub my eyes.

She shrugs. “Because if you were, Mooper would kill you.”

“Emma! You don’t talk like that.”

“Benny was scared,” she says. “Then Mommy was, too.”

I turn to see my wife isn’t in bed with me. “Sarah! Your daughter needs a spanking!”

No answer.

“Ben?” I shout. “Ben!”

“Daddy,” Emma whispers. “You look scared.”


Brent Kelley


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